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WyeSoft Battlegrounds

Postby Balrog » Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:24 am

The WyeSoft Battlegrounds server is finally open to the public. The server is at and has replaced MTA:DayZ server 2. It's still a work in progress and is not finished by a long way, but it's completely playable and ready to be tested. Here's the Work In Progress notice you'll see when you log in - please take note:

WSBG wrote:This server is still under construction. That means that lots of features are unfinished or missing altogether, and anything on the server is subject to change at any moment. Many variables, such as item spawn rates, still need to be tweaked too, as they are tested in-game.

Please try not to complain about this. If you have any helpful comments, such as suggestions or reports of bugs that you think we don't know about, please make use of our community forums.

There may also be some server or resource restarts, though we will try not to do them during an active round, unless it's an emergency.

The shop point system is live, including purchases from WyeSoft.com and transfers between our WSBG and MTA:DayZ servers. However, keep in mind that the way they currently work is not necessarily final, and the entire system could be changed drastically at any time.

There are probably lots of little bugs that I haven't discovered yet, and there are a few minor things I still intend to fix and improve, but these are the major issues I'm aware of . . .

Only one round can be played at a time, and this includes solo players and groups of 2 or 3 people in the same game. This is probably fine for now, as I doubt the server will get many people on it to begin with. But, if it gets to the point where we're getting more than about 50 people on it at a time, then I will split it so that two or more rounds can be played at the same time, and I will try to make it split solo players into one and groups into another where possible. The server's got 100 player slots at the moment, and if it gets to the point where it's filling up, I will increase the player slots and look into renting a more powerful server if necessary, but I doubt this will happen, at least for a while.

There aren't enough vehicle spawns, and most of them are copied from the MTA:DayZ server. All the admins are able to modify the vehicle spawn list, and we'll be gradually adding to the vehicle spawns over time, and not necessarily posting change logs when we do so, so just assume this is gradually being fixed.

Most of the enterable interiors aren't particularly useful, and most of them are also copied from the MTA:DayZ server. I intend to make a simpler way of adding interiors, which will allow me and the admins to just add the coordinates of an entrance to a list, and then the server will automatically create a basic house interior for it whenever someone enters, including loot spawns. When that's done, the plan is to make lots of houses on the map enterable, and then they'll be more like the houses in PUBG.

Backpacks are glitchy when worn while using certain player skins, including CJ. The way the backpacks work is they are attached to a particular bone, and the locations of the bones are defined in the skin's model file. With most skins, the backpacks are attached to their spine, which works perfectly. The problem is some skins, CJ included, don't have a spine set up in their model file. I've made a temporary fix, which makes the backpacks attach to their head, with the right gap set up so that when they are standing or crouched, it looks like it's on their back. It sometimes looks a bit weird when you're running or using some of the animations like dancing though, and it glitches out completely when you go prone, so I've just made it disappear while you are prone for now. I will be trying to find a better fix for this - maybe by adding spines to the model files if that's possible - but I'm not very good at programming anything graphical or visual, so we'll probably have to put up with my temporary workaround for a while.

Clothes aren't visible when using skins other than CJ, and there is no body armour or military helmets. The CJ clothes can't really be made to appear on other skins, so the idea is that most people will use the CJ skin and the other skins will be seen as special clothing that overrides everything else. I do intend to add body armour and better helmets, which may or may not show on other skins too, but it requires using other people's server resources, and making them work on our server, and it can be hard to find good ones in the first place, so that's another thing that could take a while.

The perimeters of the play area and safe zone look fine on the F11 map, but are just made up of blips on the mini-map, and the perimeter of the play area in the world is just made up of corona markers. I will find a better way to display them. The mini-map perimeter display will probably eventually look like the F11 map display, but it's harder to draw on the mini-map. I don't know a better way of displaying the perimeter in the world, at least not without causing lots of framerate issues, but I will keep trying to figure it out.

The MTA Freeroam server, the Vampire Slayer server and some of our on-demand servers run on the same machine as WSBG. This means that if two or more of these servers are busy at the same time, it could cause lag. If and when this becomes a problem, I will migrate those other servers to machine 3, so the problem will be solved quickly.

I also intend to make small improvements to the HUD and other visual elements over time, so please try not to complain too much if you don't like the way the overlays look. As stated though, I'm quite crap at coding visual stuff, so it may take a while. One thing I would like the know though is if something doesn't display properly on your resolution, as I run MTA on 1920x1080 and I always forget to check my updates on lower resolutions.

Another little thing you'll probably notice is some of the CJ clothes have intelligible names, like "White Vest", while others have what look more like filenames, such as "worktrcamogrn". That's because I'm gradually writing a list of all the clothes and naming them, but the ones I haven't got to yet just default to the names that are built into the code for them. So that's another thing that you'll see gradually improving. In the meantime, if you're not sure what something is from its garbled ID, just check the MTA Wiki's clothes catalogue (/CLOTHES).

So, here it is. Please go ahead and try it and give constructive feedback. Please report bugs you think I haven't noticed, or have forgotten about. Make suggestions if you have any. Try to keep this kind of thing to the forums please, as telling me in-game or by IM will almost definitely result in me forgetting.

Any time you can help to populate the server will help WyeSoft a lot, and we would greatly appreciate it. If there aren't many people online, or you're having to wait a while for the next round to start, there are plenty of things to do in the lobby. The gambling machines in the casino let you play the mini-games and browser games, just like on the MTA:DayZ server. The front door leads to a weapons testing and deathmatch area based in Area 69. All the weapons and tons of ammo will appear in your inventory while you're there and there are training dummies to test them on, complete with damage pop-ups when you hit them. If you step outside the red glowy things, then you're in the deathmatch zone and can DM with other players. There's also a demolition derby stadium and a motorbike assault course stadium, accessible from the other doors in the casino lobby.

Don't forget to link your WSBG and MTA:DayZ accounts to your WSID to earn double XP on one server by levelling up on the other. This works for everyone now and not just VIP Members.

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