MTA:DayZ: Garage Rental Guide

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MTA:DayZ: Garage Rental Guide

Postby Balrog » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:51 pm

Garages can now be rented by any player for shop points. These garages are not part of VIP Membership (as there are only a limited number of garages on the map), and are completely separate from VIP bases.

Rent costs 250 shop points per week. Each garage can store up to 3 vehicles in total, including up to 2 of each type of vehicle (cars, bikes, etc.). Aircraft cannot be stored in garages. Each player can only rent one garage at a time.

First, you need to find the garage you want to rent. If you enter /GAR, you will see a list of all the garages. This will show their IDs, the name of the city or county they are located in, and whether they are currently let to a player, or available for you to rent. I deliberately haven't included the exact locations of the garages, as there is still supposed to be a certain amount of secrecy to them, but there are ways to find them ;) If you are inside a garage, or near its door, you can enter /THISGAR to see its ID and rental status.

Once you've chosen your garage, you can rent it by entering /RENTGAR, followed by the ID of the garage and the number of weeks you want to pay for. For example, to rent garage 12 for 4 weeks, you would enter RENTGAR 12 4. You can pay for 1 to 4 weeks' rent at a time. The maximum a garage can be paid up for at any time is 30 days, which means you can pay for 4 weeks at a time and top up by 4 weeks up to 2 days before it expires. You can also top up your rent more regularly than this if you choose to. You can check your garage's ID, coordinates, radio channel, expiry date/time, and the list of people you've granted access to, by entering /MYGAR.

You cannot move your garage once you've paid for it, though you can cancel the rental with /CANCELGAR. If you cancel when you still have 1 or more full weeks of rent paid up, you will receive a refund for these full weeks, but not for any remaining partial weeks. If you cancel rental of one garage and start renting another, you will have to move your vehicles manually, so it's recommended that you remove them from the old garage before cancelling the rental, since that garage will be given a random radio channel once you've cancelled.

To grant a friend access to your rented garage, enter /GRANTGAR, followed by their name. To revoke access, enter /REVOKEGAR, followed by their name. There is no limit to the number of friends you can grant garage access to, but giving access to lots of people is not recommended, due to the vehicle limit.

Rented garages are given their own radio channels, which can only be accessed by their tenants and friends that have been granted access by the tenant. The radio channels for rented garages are always the garage ID + 100. To open or close your garage, stand near it, switch to its radio channel with /CHAN followed by the channel number, and then say either dot (.) or dash (-) over the radio chat (to use radio chat, either enter /RADIOCHAT followed by the message, or bind a key to CHATBOX RADIOCHAT).

The top 3 WyeSoft supporters receive their garages for free. The /rentgar command will work in the same way it works for other players, except that it will not cost shop points. The /cancelgar command also works in the same way, but will not give a refund.

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