MTA:DayZ: Transferring Tents from Server 2 to Server 1

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MTA:DayZ: Transferring Tents from Server 2 to Server 1

Postby Balrog » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:36 pm

As most of you know, server 2 is going to be shut down some time in the next few weeks/months and replaced with a battlegrounds server. So, I've made an easy way to transfer loot from your VIP bases on server 2 (and VIP bases that you own tents in) over to server 1. It's not quite as straightforward as I'd hoped but it's still pretty easy to do...

First, you need to log into server 2, find your tent ID, and use this command:

This will make your tent disappear and give you a voucher code to enter in server 1. Make a note of the voucher code. Now go onto server 1, make sure you're inside your base, and enter:
/REDEEM VoucherCode

This will make the tent, its extensions and all of its contents appear in your inventory (ignoring the bag slot limit). Now you can either pitch (and extend) a new tent or use an existing one, and transfer the items from your inventory to that with:

You don't need to keep switching server if you have a lot of tents to move. You can turn them all into voucher codes in one trip to server 2 and then redeem them all in one trip to server 1. Just make sure you don't lose the voucher codes in the process.

Please everyone, try to get this done before server 2 is shut down. I will keep a copy of the database files just in case, but it will be a pain if people keep coming and asking me to move their tents after it's been shut down. Also, don't forget to transfer your shop points too.

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