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Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:27 pm
by Balrog
- Fixed bug which caused players to be awarded the wrong achievement when completing the Bounty Hunter achievement.
- Players can now use /give to give Clarice certain rare items in exchange for a greater amount of a less rare item:
-- Voidpack Mk II --> 3 X Voidpack
-- Voidpack --> 3 X Coyote Backpack
-- Tracking Device --> 3 X Radio Scanner
-- Pocket EMP Generator --> 3 X CZ 550 Mag

- Added Body Armour clothing slot and Kevlar Vest level 1-3 clothing items to go in it. Vests give 20%, 30% and 40% reduced damage, respectively, when the wearer is hit in the torso. All vests also give 4 extra inventory slots. Kevlar Vests are invisible when worn by players for now, but this will hopefully be fixed in a future update.
- All trousers and shoes have been given proper names.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:44 pm
by Balrog
- Added new item, "Instant Ding", which is categorised as a Collectible and is only obtainable from loot crates with a 1 in 50 chance. Activating an Instant Ding will instantly grant you 1 level. The amount of XP you have towards the next level will be unaffected. For example, if you are were on level 65 with 1000 XP towards level 66 before you used an Instant Ding then, after using one, you would be on level 66 with 1000 XP towards level 67. The higher your level when you use the item, the greater the benefit you will gain from it. You will get the achievement, "Ding!", the first time you receive an Instant Ding from a loot crate.

- The /CHANGES command will now jump to the page of the most recent change log post involving the server that you are on.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:12 pm
by Balrog
- Fixed bug which prevented most level 20-39 players from spawning with a Golf Club.
- Idle tent decay is now logged in VIP base transfer logs.
- Added lots of new animal spawn locations and limited total number of animals that can spawn, making animal spawning more random and spread out.
- Reintroduced second daily scheduled war zone event, now starting at 2:00 PM (server time).
- Moved daily scheduled demolition derby event to 5:00 PM (server time).

- Fixed several bugs relating to gangs/groups with apostrophes in their names, such as a bug which prevented players from properly leaving such groups.
- Players are no longer auto-kicked for attempting to create an account with an invalid name. Instead, they are shown an "Invalid account name" message onscreen and forced to reconnect.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:55 pm
by Balrog
- Added Brass Knuckles as a new VIP-only (almost) melee weapon. They do the same amount of damage per hit as the hunting knife (4000 on average), but they are slightly faster and easier to land hits with. They can spawn in most loot spawns and in helicopter crashes, etc., and their spawn rate is a little lower than that of the hunting knife. They can be picked up and even equipped by anyone but, when equipped by a non-VIP, they have a 1 in 3 chance of breaking when killing a zombie and a 100% chance of breaking when killing a player. This means that non-VIPs can try them out for a few minutes, but only VIP Members can use them indefinitely.

- Voice chat now works on group channels instead of being broadcast to the local area, as local voice chat is not particularly useful in a battle royale situation, and some players may be switching groups too often for TeamSpeak, Discord, etc. to be practical.
- It is now possible to log in as a guest, without needing to register an account name and password. Guest players cannot level up, receive shop points or loot crates, or complete achievements. They will still receive XP so that they get a feel for the way the levelling system works, but when they complete level 1 their XP will just reset. Guest accounts are deleted when the player logs out, so stats, collectibles, etc. are not saved.
- On the login screen, the Four Dragons Casino lobby can now be seen in the background, instead of the Vinewood sign.

- The login panel now unloads properly once the player has logged in, rather than disappearing off the top of the screen and remaining there, loaded but out of view, for the entire session. This will save a little client-side RAM and may improve frame rates slightly for some players.
- Clarice now mutes players for saying "cry" on its own in global chat, and no longer mutes players for saying "rekt" in gang/group chat or as part of a larger sentence in global chat.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:33 am
by Balrog
- Added stunt point system with leaderboard. Stunt points (StP) are awarded for vehicle jumps, wheelies, two-wheelers, etc. and drifting. Longer and better stunts can give exponentially more stunt points.
- Added purple orbs to the obstacles in the Kickstart Stadium (Las Venturas), which award stunt points when hit while you are riding on one of the motorbikes. Orbs are worth 1 StP each at the beginning of a combo, but hitting them in rapid succession (within 10 seconds of each other) will cause the amount of stunt points awarded to double after every third orb, up to a maximum of 1024 StP per orb. Orbs despawn when hit, but respawn after 1 minute.
- Shop point (SP), stunt point (StP) and demolition derby point (DDP) gains and losses now show onscreen for a moment as floating numbers, just like experience gains. Each type of gain now has its own colour (purple for XP, gold for SP, white for StP and brown for DDP) but, if you prefer the old randomly-coloured popups, you can toggle them back on by entering /RANDOMGAINS. All gain popups can be toggled on and off with the same command, /GAINPOPUPS (or /XPGAINS).

- Added automated vehicle stunt events. Players score just by earning stunt points during the event. There is no set location for these events and stunt points earned anywhere on the map will count towards the event scores, but extra vehicles will spawn in Los Santos International Airport and Las Venturas Airport, and both these airports and the Kickstart Stadium will be marked on the map. These extra vehicles work like the bikes in the Kickstart Stadium; they are indestructible and do not require parts or repairs, but they cannot be taken outside the airports.
- Added automated car chase events. A Patriot will spawn in one of several possible locations, marked on the map by a truck icon. The aim is to be inside or glued to the Patriot when the time runs out. If a shop point prize is set, the shop points will be divided among all players inside or glued to the vehicle when the event ends, and the driver will also receive a loot crate. The Patriot can be destroyed, which will kill any players inside it, but it will then respawn instantly, on the same spot is was destroyed on. When players are killed inside or near the Patriot during a chase event, their gear will automatically be placed inside the Patriot, instead of on their corpses.
- Demolition derby events will no longer end during a derby round. If the time runs out mid-round, the event will end when the round has finished.
- Players glued to planes will now receive 3X damage when hit, instead of 1.5X as with other vehicles.
- Added more spare BMX's to the ocean for VIP Members' BMX Summon ability.
- Fixed bug which caused a deadly explosion when a player locked onto one of the farming zone vehicles from outside the farming zone.
- Daily scheduled events times have been reorganised and now include the new event types: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=879

- Added 50p Drift resource (the same drift addon used on the MTA:DayZ and Freeroam servers).
- Added Los Santos International Airport lobby area, accessible from the front exit of the casino lobby area, next to the entrance to the Area 69 lobby area. Vehicles spawn in this airport area, which can be used to earn stunt points, or just driven around aimlessly if you prefer.
- The doorways between the different sections of the lobby are now shown onscreen by colour-coded cylindrical markers.
- Added drift and motorbike wheelie leaderboards.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:39 pm
by Balrog
- Players can no longer enter VIP bases inside war zones.
- Car chase event vehicle now respawns when in water or locked in a garage.
- Instant Ding item now has a 24-hour cooldown to prevent abuse.
- Added annual Easter event: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1115

- "" centred text advert no longer pops up when there is already a centred text message onscreen.
- VIP Members can no longer see other players' ping and packet loss stats with /NET or /PING, as it is too unreliable and only causes arguments.

- /WSTATS and /WACH commands now load the correct web page URL.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:05 pm
by Balrog
- Added Prize Token system and "Prize Booth" page. Prize Tokens can be earned in various ways on our game servers and then traded in at the Prize Booth for either 500 SP on one of the MTA servers, or a Steam game from the list.

- Increased maximum allowed ping to 300 and added more lag levels.
- Damaging hits on players that are 2 or more lag levels above the attacker are now detected by the attacker's client, rather than the victim's, hopefully making the instakill effect trigger more reliably.
- Possibly fixed bug which sometimes caused duplicate corpses to appear when players died in certain ways.
- War zone events now keep track of each player's direct PvP damage and use this as a secondary stat in the scores, instead of XP. Note: This is only direct damage and does not include bleed damage. XP is now used as a tertiary stat.
- Added "weekly super war zone" event, which replaces the usual 7 PM (server time) war zone event every Sunday:
-- Prizes: First place: 1 Prize Token + 1 Loot Crate; Second place: 50 SP + 1 Loot Crate; Third place: 25 SP + 1 Loot Crate
-- Players receive a triple XP bonus while inside a super war zone, rather than double XP.
-- Players will receive the "Weekend Warrior" achievement for taking part, and the players that finish in first, second and third place, will receive the "Gold Medalist", "Silver Medalist" and "Bronze Medalist" achievements, respectively. They will also gain access to player titles of the same name, but only until the end of the next super war zone, when those titles will be taken back and awarded to the new top 3 players.
-- War zone used will be random, as with the usual scheduled war zones, but it will always be one of the following: Area 69, Verdant Meadows ("Abandoned Airport"), Las Venturas Airport, Los Santos International Airport, Easter Bay Airport (San Fierro)
-- Large, red teleporter markers will spawn in 2 of 3 places (Los Santos International Airport, Easter Bay Airport and/or Verdant Meadows), depending on which war zone has been selected (the closest one will not spawn). Press F while standing in one of these markers (while not in a vehicle) to be dropped into the super war zone from the air. You will be given a parachute if you don't already have one, and it will be equipped automatically, so you just need to be ready to activate it.
- Players will now be rewarded 1 Prize Token when prestiging. This is 1 per prestige, regardless of how many levels you are prestiging away, so the sooner you prestige, the better, in regards to this reward.
- Fixed bug which prevented prestige-related achievements from registering until next log in.

- Players will now be rewarded 1 Prize Token when reaching level 100, and 1 for every 50 levels after that.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:25 pm
by Balrog
- War zone event winners and runners-up (including super war zones) will no longer receive a prize if they are not logged in at the end of the event AND have not scored any player-vs-player damage or kills in the event.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 4:07 am
by Balrog

- The /OOPS command now automatically makes you say "Wrong channel (/oops)" in the channel you typed in by accident.
- Right-clicking while the scoreboard is open now toggles the mouse cursor and stops the scoreboard from closing until you right-click again, so you no longer have to hold down the mouse button or the TAB key.
- Ctrl-clicking a player on the scoreboard now displays their player stats in the chat box, and alt-clicking them causes their player stats web page to pop up in the in-game browser.

- /GIVESP now does the same thing as /GIVEPOINTS.
- Loot now spawns more quickly once a loot sector is triggered.
- Trading Card Packs can no longer be purchased from the item shop. This is due to all the outcry about loot crates in various games. Trading cards probably don't count, but someone would undoubtedly claim that they do eventually.
- Shop points can no longer be transferred between the MTA:DayZ and WSBG servers. This is in preparation for the shard system, as we want the new shards to be a fresh start.
- AK-47 damage increased by 10% when attacker and target are less then 18 m apart.
- Players can no longer exit vehicles while travelling above 30 mph when PVP-flagged, when inside a warzone in MTA:DayZ, or when in-game in WSBG, unless the vehicle's hull is badly damaged.
- Added a 3-second cooldown (approximately) on the BMX jump key when PVP-flagged, when inside a warzone in MTA:DayZ, or when in-game in WSBG.
- Added a new level-up sound. Players can choose between the old and the new sounds by entering /LEVELSOUND followed by 2 for the new sound, 1 for the original, or 0 to disable.
- Your gang/group members are now highlighted in green on the scoreboard, and party members on are highlighted in orange in MTA:DayZ (see MTA:DAYZ section below for information on party system).
- You can now see your gang/group/party members' blood value on the scoreboard. Statuses are shown next to the blood, as a "+" symbol if the player is bleeding, a "P" if they are in pain, or a "B" if they have a broken bone.
- The button that appears after right-clicking on an item in the inventory ("Eat", "Drink", "Use", etc.) now shows the item name in its text for most items.
- Night Vision Goggles and Infrared Goggles can now be toggled on and off from the inventory, and right-clicking a map will cause the text, "Press F11 to use", to be displayed on the use button. This is meant to help new players that haven't discovered the keybinds yet.
- Added /SIREN command, which toggles vehicle sirens on and off when you are the driver, since it is hard to do it with the keybind on higher framerates.

- Weekly Super Warzone moved from Sundays to Saturdays.
- Many new animal spawns added by Gus.
- Animals now only spawn when players are nearby, and despawn when no players have been near them for a while, freeing some memory and bandwidth.
- Loot spawns inside interiors now trigger when a player passes over the entrance marker, rather than waiting for the player to enter.
- There is now a 1 in 1000 chance of Clarice giving you a Trading Card Pack for each item that you sell to her.
- Added (hopefully) temporary workaround for bug preventing corpses from actually being dead. For the time being, corpses will appear red through Infrared Goggles.
- Gunshots now pass through corpses. This was an accidental side effect of the above workaround, but I will attempt to keep it intact after the workaround is no longer necessary.
- Prone animation no longer plays to the end of the GTA:SA death animation used, so players will stop moving as soon as they are on the ground.
- Players attempting to enter map glitches will now only be forced to allow VIP Members to spectate them once they have received 5 warnings.
- Animals now have sound effects when zombie groans are enabled.
- Range of AK-47 increased from 70 m to 85 m, matching WSBG server.
- Fixed bug which prevented monthly resets from affecting players online at the time of the reset, and prevented secret underground railway codes from resetting.
- Fixed bug which prevented animation from working when making a fire.
- Each player can now only receive a Loot Crate once for answering each of Clarice's riddles.
- Correct answers given for Clarice's riddles over global chat will now automatically be changed to private messages directly to Clarice, so that the answers aren't given away to all players online.
- Players can no longer ask Clarice for riddles.
- Added 5-second shared cooldown on pitching a tent and building a wire fence.
- Added car chase event stats (wins and wins as driver) and leaderboard. The player at the top of the leaderboard will be able to choose the "Steve McQueen" title.
- Players can no longer glue to vehicles while at lag level 3 or above (a ping of 220 or greater).
- Players glued to vehicles will now be killed in 1 hit with any weapon. This is a (hopefully) temporary workaround for a bug that was making glued players almost impossible to kill.
- Added 500 ms cooldown on proning and sitting while PVP-flagged.
- Combat-log and other quit punishments are no longer avoided by players kicking themselves.
- Items are now dropped immdediately upon logout when combat-logging. Combat-loggers will still be autoslain when they log back in.
- Alive time is now counted per second, client-side, and then resync'd with the server every 60 seconds (of alive time). This means players can no longer abuse safe zones and the server's minute tick to get high alive time stats with minimal danger.
- Alive time no longer ticks while players are inside melee gyms.
- Added party system. Parties work similarly to gangs but are temporary, and meant to be used either by players that wish to play with someone outside their gang without having to leave their gang and create a temporary one. They can also be used within a gang when a small group of gang members are playing together and wish to focus more on each other than the rest of their gang. Parties temporarily override gangs in most respencts (for example XP sharing). While in a party, you will be able to see your fellow party members' blips on the map and GPS (gang members that are not in the party will still be visible but transparent so that it is easy to distinguish between party and gang members). Parties have no leader and any party member can invite other players to the party. Players can invite their fellow gang members to a party at any time, but need to be within 10 m of a player outside their gang to invite them. This is to prevent parties from changing the way trades, ambushes, etc. are played out. Once all members of a party have been logged out for 30 minutes, the party will be cleared, and all parties are cleared on server restart. The following commands can be used regarding parties:
-- /INVITE name - invite player to party (shift-clicking a player on the scoreboard will also invite them to your party)
-- /ACCEPT - accept party invitation
-- /DECLINE - decline party invitation
-- /LEAVE - leave party
-- /P [message] - party chat (there is no default keybind for party chat because all players are encouraged to switch over to sticky chat in preparation for the shard system. However, it is possible to bind one manually with /BIND key CHATBOX P)
-- /PARTY|GROUP|BLIPS - display status of party members in chat (automatically displays gang members' status if not in party)
-- /PROLL - roll the dice and show your party the results
-- /PCARD - pick a card and show your party the results
- Changed several gang-related commands to work alongside party commands:
-- /GINVITE name - invite player to gang
-- /GACCEPT - accept gang invitation
-- /GDECLINE - decline gang invitation
-- /GLEAVE - leave gang
- Buggy teamkill automatic punishment (/PUNISH) removed.
- Z-ordering of VIP base radar blips changed so that player blips always appear in front.
- Added new item, "Light Amplification Visor" (totally not stolen from Doom), which disables fog caused by MTA:DayZ Night mod while being worn, making night time appear like a standard GTA:SA night. This is meant to be an alternative to Night Vision Goggles for the players that dislike the Night mod. There is no real advantage to using visors over NVG's. Visors spawn at Area 69 with a 50% chance of spawning in place of any NVG's that would have spawned there.
- Added gang name colours. Gangs are now given a random colour by default, which the gang name is displayed in on the scoreboard. Gang leaders can change these colours /GANGCL string, where string is the full gang name with #RRGGBB codes added for each colour change (you can use multiple colours). For example, if your gang is called "My Gang" and you want the word "My" to appear in red, and "Gang" to appear in green, you would enter /GANGCL #FF0000My #00FF00Gang (Remember, you can enter /COLOURS to pop up a colour picker web page, which shows you the colour codes required. Use /BLIPCL to change your radar blip colour).
- During car chase events, wire fences will now appear when the chase vehicle is nearby, blocking the entrances to various places used to camp with the vehicle. Admins can add more of these fences if and when necessary. Finding ways around these fences to camp beyond them with the chase vehicle will be viewed as cheating.
- You can now make a fire by using a Wood Pile in your inventory instead of using your Box of Matches, as long as you have both (using the matches still works). This is the prevent confusion for new players.
- Your GPS can now be toggled on and off from the inventory.

- The "Not ready" display now reads "Ready up" and the "No group" display reads "Join/create group", to prevent confusion.
- Players start in a not ready state after logging in.
- Animations such as proning can no longer be used while in the air.
- Added 500 ms cooldown on proning and sitting.
- Clarice now asks spontaneous riddles, as she does in MTA:DayZ.
- Shift-clicking a player on the scoreboard will now invite them to your group.

- Shift-clicking a player on the scoreboard will now teleport you to their location.

- Changed HUD stats box text from white to WyeSoft's standard blue.

- The 1-2 player optional zombie spawns have been replaced with "NPC spawns" - the same thing but includes other NPC enemies besides zombies. This can be toggled with !NPCS or /NPCS (as well as the original !ZOMBIES or /ZOMBIES).
- Prize Tokens are now awarded for prestiging, as in MTA:DayZ. These are the same Prize Tokens awarded on MTA, to be spent at the Prize Booth:
- Added Weekly Comp, in which players can win Prize Tokens and shop points (TTT shop points, not MTA ones). Please see previous post about TTT Weekly Comp.

Our Plutonium server is still new, so there's not much point in starting a proper change log for it yet, but it needed to be mentioned. Plutonium is basically the MTA of Call of Duty Black Ops II. Anyone that likes CoD Zombies should check out our server. It runs most of the BO2 Zombies maps in vanilla mode, as well as customised versions of some of them that I've made, such as "Mob Overdrive", which is Mob of the Dead with added bank, Mule Kick and AK-47 wall buy, among other things. I'm planning to make something similar for Tranzit soon.

Re: Server Change Log

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 7:09 pm
by Balrog
- Fixed bug which caused players that died while glued to a vehicle to continue registering as glued after respawning.

- Added daily scheduled Car Chase event from 13:00 to 13:45 server time. This is temporary, as scheduled events will work differently once the sharding system is complete.