Scoreboard Problem

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Scoreboard Problem

Postby Svetli2001 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:55 am

So i tried to make my scoreboard bigger and i made it huge now i cant get it back to normal because i cant click the settings button, what do i do
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Re: Scoreboard Problem

Postby Rick_Jones » Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:37 am

You need to go to the folder where the scoreboard resource is located. Once you locate your MTA San Andreas 1.5 folder, head over to "MTA San Andreas 1.5 > mods > deathmatch > resources". Once you're on the "resources" folder, locate the "dxscoreboard" folder and delete that folder only. Reconnecting to the server will re-download default settings and fix the scoreboard.
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