New Idea


New Idea

Postby tasos10000 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:29 am

So tonight i was with finn and rulez in the srv and we had an idea about somth that will maybe bring more people to the srv and it will be actually rly good for the guys who already playing on it!
If like everything in srv could be deleted and everyone will start from 0 cause right now everyone has like tons of bases a lot stuff and mostly having war on same places for example aa or chicken town and at the war zones.
But if everyone will start from 0 it means that they will take cars around map looting and fight for the loot without having anything.I think its a rly great idea but idk if everyone thinks the same.Im sure that many people wont agree with this but i believe that is a nice idea for the srv.Thanks for reading my post :D

Re: New Idea

Postby giorgakis32m » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:43 am

I actually agree a lot with idea cause everyone will be going for loot and not fight all day. Its also good cause new people will be more equaled amongst loot. Although there must be a way to do sth for vip bases and sp bcs people have put money on it. But this must be done 100% :) :idea:

Ps if this happens new servers should include specific time of respawning items so can people fight at very good places for loot and loot should be nerfed . In the words loot shouldnt be that good as it's right now

Re: New Idea

Postby Finn » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:47 am

Or having a monthly server wipe, just like DayZ/Rust has. I think that people will actually fight for loot and loot the map. This is getting really boring, everyday is the same. Fights are only on aa, chicken town, lv farm. I don't remember a good fight in los santos, san fierro or a long car chase just like in old days. I think what you guys should do is start a Poll and let people vote what they want.
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Re: New Idea

Postby Sean » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:45 am

I've been very interested in the idea of a fresh start (wipe) for a while actually. We briefly discussed the possibility of it a year or so ago, but decided against it due to real money issues relating to vip & shop points. For this reason, a flat out wipe of the current server will never happen.

However, in light of this thread we're looking at our options and discussing the idea of opening a fresh server or introducing a 'sharding' function to the server which would essentially allow the possibility of having two (or more) servers in one. The more likely outcome however is a fresh server. It's definitely possible, but it'll take some time and we need to figure out exactly how we want to do it.

I'll keep you updated.
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Re: New Idea

Postby dungeonkeeper » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:38 am

I like the idea of a fresh server, we couldn't just wipe the server as it is now, but a fresh server to play on sounds good. We have all become lazy on our server, bases full of loot, nothing to bother to go and find and so it all ends up with fighting in the same spot . Repetitive and boring . I would ask if a new server was to be made that loot was made scarce with rare items actually rare. Also vip and bases, are they going to be allowed? because if so then we could just end up with a replica server in six months time.

Re: New Idea

Postby DOMANTĖLIS » Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:22 am

I like this idea

Re: New Idea

Postby giorgakis32m » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:03 pm

Well if it's going to be a new server l, so should be totally deleted l. Furthermore, in my opinion only vip bases should be kept with one entrance. Now I understand that people with lots of sp have tried really hard in the game but this happens in every game. You put money and after some years or months server end up closing or w/e. Top sum up my overall opinion , new server should include only VIPs and a specific time or respawning items so everyone has to fight in hotspots of loot(loot respawning can be between 2 hours or 3). Lastly there should be as I recommended months ago , some daily missions which give sp for example kill 10 people for 50 so or consume 5 drinks or food for 40 sp sth like that . But if this happens some top categories must not exist at all so people can not take massive server points

Re: New Idea

Postby kamax » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:20 pm

Idea is great but vips should be kept cuz we after all paid real money for it but wipe all vip upgrades would be nice

Re: New Idea

Postby BadAss » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:46 pm

first of all sorry about my english i hope u all understand what i mean, if not just reply and ill explain better.

the problem is that some people "spent" years collecting stuf and like to use it, i think that a wipeout its a bit to "dramatic".
here are some ideas that could be applyed separately or some together.

1- we could literally wipe out 3/4 of the stuf (or 7/8), e.g. imagine i have a tent with 2k cz mags, the tent would have just 500 mags, thats a simple way reducing the amount of loot that players have but still mantain the diference beetwin a guy that had been keeping lots of things and guy who havent.(same could happen about the shoppoints)
2- we could just END with m4,ak and cz spawns for some time in order to make the players wast their stuf so it becomes more rare, and then make them spawn again but of course a bit harder then now-a-days.
(in my opinion the first idea combine with less spawn of itens would be enouth, no need to take dramatic percautions as this second one)
3- about the shop points, they are way to easy to get, that defenitly should be changed, maybe in the future a nice reward for the 1st place in a war could be like 1 m4 and 1 or 2 mags
4- should have less events because to many events provide to many awards, and we want players to loot and to play "dayz" so there should be no need of telling them where to go and what to do (with the events).
5- about the vips, of course u cant take out the vips from people, we payed for it and money its hard to get, we could end up 3 base doors, just 1 per vip, make the vip base system like it once was, when u could lock the doors and unlock the doors making it so its legal so steal from a vip base, that way if u kill a vip when he was opening the door u could go inside and steal it all (ofc the pvp inside a vipbase would be allowed). we should make the color thing a special thing again, just VIPs could use it, delete the spray can, this would make the vips less OP (we would just spawn with a tatical and the dept keycard as we always did, we would have a house but not a really secure house, this would prevent vips to fight close to their houses, and we would change the color of cars, nothing more) the most important change would be that viphouses now would have a limit of keys, like 2 or 3, and each would cost a fortune, making it so most of the players would use tents to hide their loot, like we use to do in the old days

another important thing and this is mostly for the admins:
as you well know there are some players that have bad conection issues and stuf like that, some do it on porpose and some jsut dont have a good internet for external reasons, the main thing here is that the "normal" players shoudnt suffer because of that, and some times we are inable to kill them, this should have a better fix than the one that is currently on use, and the server is kinda getting active again so more admins need to start playing again even if its not to play but just to check out on things, and the admins that are playing need to concern more about this issues, i belive that its hard to deal with all the players arguing about another players that didnt die or stuf like that, most of the times its just cuz the guy that is arguing sucks at aiming or the orther had luck, but some times it really gets impossible to play, for exemple in the other day a guy (dont even remember the name) was constantly with 700 ping and i warned him a lot, but he didnt gave a shit and was fighting, killing everyone and not dieing, why wasnt him kicked u ask? because he was a VIP and for some stupid reason vips dont get kicked when they lag (this should be changed as well)
so to all the admins that still concern about this server please try to come online more times and when u are online dont look aside to this issues, i know some times u just wanna play like a normal player but, as uncle Ben said: "with a great power comes a great responsibility" xD

thank you all for reading, i would like to help anyway possible, just with ideas or if its needed help coding i can try :d

Re: New Idea

Postby giorgakis32m » Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:54 am

i agree with badaass on the laggers part but i dont aagree with loot i think every item should be deleted cause everyone of us has tons of loot .Also this is the point of a new server which means a new beggining so i recommened a delete to the current server and a creation of a server with vips remaining and sp but vips should start with 1 entrance and not with 3 thats what i suggest . I have played million games and i have put money on them and after some months they end up closing so its kinda stupid when you put money on the game and then you feel regrets doing that so yeah thats all
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