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WyeSoft DayZ Standalone Server!

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:43 pm
by Balrog
The admins and I have spent the last week or so setting up a DayZ Standalone server and today, we are officially opening it . . .



You will need to connect using DZSA Launcher, as the server is running several mods. To find the server on DZSA Launcher, just enter "WyeSoft" in the Filters field.

This may seem like a random time for us to set up a DayZ server, but some of us have wanted one for years and right now, the game seems to be in a good place in terms of its development and the freedom server owners have to customise their servers, and the prices of renting a server are much lower than they once were.

The server is still a work in progress. Some of the mods and settings are still being configured gradually, so things will change, and other mods will almost certainly be added too.

Unfortunately, VIP Membership has no effect on this server, at least for now. This is because there are strict rules for monetising DayZ Standalone servers, and they prevent us from giving out the standard admin powers that we give out to VIP Members on our other servers. Reserved slot access is allowed, but obviously won't be needed at the moment. If the server starts to fill up, I will probably increase the player slots first, but then I will consider registering the server for monetisation and allowing players to purchase reserved slot access. This would probably be purchasable on its own at a lower price than VIP Membership, but also included in the VIP Membership package for people that already have that or want to buy it in the future.