How to Report a Server Down, Broken or Out-of-Date

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How to Report a Server Down, Broken or Out-of-Date

Postby Balrog » Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:14 pm

If one of the servers goes down, is broken (meaning there is a major bug) or needs to be updated, you can report this to me by clicking the Report Down links on the server list or by going straight to the Report Servers Down page.

Please use this new method instead of telling me via Steam because it is much more efficient, since the first report causes the WyeSoft server to text me if I'm not at the computer, and it means I don't get spammed by ten people at once while I'm trying to work on the problem.

If you have a WyeSoft account, it's best to make sure you're logged into it before you click Submit Report because I will obviously trust a report more if I know who sent it.

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