TTT: Levelling / Unlock System

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TTT: Levelling / Unlock System

Postby Balrog » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:40 am

When there are 3 or more players on the server, XP is gained at the end of each round, equal to the score gained from kills, etc. XP cannot be lost, but team-kills can cancel it out completely for the current round.

If there are only 1 or 2 players online, you will receive 1 XP per minute as a bonus for helping to populate the server.

The amount of XP needed to level up is (l + 1) * 10, where l is the level you are on. So it takes 20 XP to reach level 2, another 30 XP to reach level 3, etc.

Spawn weapons are unlocked at the following levels (multiples of 4):

4: Five-seven
8: HUGE-249
12: Smoke Grenade
16: MAC10
20: Benelli M4
24: Discombobulator
28: M4A1
32: Glock
36: Scout
40: Desert Eagle
44: Incendiary Grenade
48: MP5
52: P90
56: AK47
60: Silenced Sniper

You will also receive the value of the level reached in shop points. For example, when reaching level 10 you will receive 10 shop points.

At level 60, you have the option to continue levelling for shop points, or prestiging and starting again from level 1, but with one of the weapons permanently unlocked. To prestige, enter !PRESTIGE followed by the 2-figure code of the weapon you want to permanently unlock.

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