TTT - Map suggestions

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TTT - Map suggestions

Postby Swigger » Sat Mar 19, 2022 3:35 pm

Please post links to the map(s) you want added.

If the map is broken or just bad it will be removed.
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Re: TTT - Map suggestions

Postby Mattrius » Sat Mar 19, 2022 4:18 pm

Nuclear Power - Great map, good for larger number of players and made with a lot of love and care. Myself and my friend are in the credits for this one and helped to test/improve it ... 1198663315

Golden Plix Prison - Fantastic map based on the prison architect game with clever win conditions for both T's and Innos. ... ction=home

Concentration - Very cool, atmospheric map made by Redcow (a talented mapmaker who also made ttt_cloverfield) ... centration

Westwood - the de_ version of the map is current in the server rotation, but this ttt_ version is much better, has a jail and working doors, an underground area, etc. ... t=westwood

Cruise - Good map for smaller games, very well balanced ... ext=cruise

Satisfaction - Decent trainyard map, suitable for slightly more players ... tisfaction
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Re: TTT - Map suggestions

Postby Balrog » Sat Mar 19, 2022 11:46 pm

We had Concentration before but had to remove it because too many people found it offensive, and I can't really blame them to be honest. I've added the other 5 though.

Here's the full, up-to-date map list, if you wouldn't mind taking a look and letting me know which ones need removing...


67th way and Minecraft have 2 separate versions for a reason but, other than those, I can't think of any that are meant to have duplicates. Should I remove the old Westwood or is it worth keeping both? And is it best to remove b2 of Cloverfield or are there problems in b4?

All the Counter-Strike maps will have to stay in the list for now because the map folder is shared between all 4 GMod servers and they're used on some of the others. The map vote addon just adds all maps with the right prefixes. I can mod that in the future if necessary but easier to just let it continue doing that.

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