MTA:DayZ PvE-Only Server

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MTA:DayZ PvE-Only Server

Postby Balrog » Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:13 am

We have a second MTA:DayZ server now where all PvP damage is disabled. The main focus will be on looting and finding vehicles, though the zombies are stronger too, so they will play a bigger part than on the original server (which is now known as the "PvP-enabled server" or "server 1"). Stealing items and vehicles is still possible and allowed.

The address of the new server is and you can switch between the two servers with /DZ1 and /DZ2.

Other than being entirely PvE, most of the features are identical to the PvP server. When you buy shop points now, you are given the option of which server you want the points to be used on. I intend to make a way to transfer points from one server to the other, so even if you don't plan on playing on the new server much, it's still worth trying to top the leaderboards, as you'll be able to use the points on the original server when I've implemented it.

Other than having no PvP, the differences are:
- Zombies have twice as much health and can hit up to twice as hard, and zombie kills award twice as much XP.
- Drive-by mode is enabled, so you can fire at zombies from a vehicle.
- There will be no kicks for lagging, so you can play on this server when you're lagging too much to play on the PvP server.
- Pocket EMP Generators have a range of 200 m (instead of 100 m) and don't permanently affect other players or vehicles (they turn electronics off but don't destroy them), but they knock out zombies.
- VIP bases can be placed in Area 69.
- The cinema opens on Wednesday and Saturday nights instead of Monday and Friday nights.
- There will obviously be no war zones, though I plan to make some kind of scheduled zombie invasion event, which will be its equivalent.

In-game accounts are completely separate for the two servers, so you will need to create an account the first time you join. VIP Membership obviously covers both servers, and the house system works in exactly the same way, but the /VUP upgrades only count for the server they are purchased on. VIPs will need to go to the VIP Member Centre and enter their username for the new server in the new box for it.

This server isn't wasting any money or server resources. It's running on one of the server machines we already had. If it's not used, it will hardly take up any resources at all. If, in a few months' time, it hasn't taken off, I will change it so that it has a different unique feature, rather than no PvP, or maybe to a different type of MTA server altogether, but it will hopefully end up doing well and staying as it is. I know there aren't many (if any) other PvE servers in MTA:DayZ.
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Re: MTA:DayZ PvE-Only Server

Postby dungeonkeeper » Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:33 am

OMG DRive by for zombies I cant wait :mrgreen: , the server sounds great and a war zone with a zombie invasion is just pure genius

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