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WyeSoft Chess v1.20 and The Knight's Tour v1.00 released

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:21 pm
by Balrog
WyeSoft Chess v1.20


- Added Local Game feature, allowing two users to play against each other on the same computer
- Added Play Bot window, making it easier to set up games against bots
- Added separate The Knight's Tour application (also released as a standalone game available for download)
- Added option to highlight possible moves by selected piece on the Game Window
- Added support for guest logins and made this the default setting for new users
- Added option to Request Game window to prevent request from being accepted by guests
- Added WSID / guest username display to tray icon and floating indicator tooltips, and to My Games and Requests window title bar
- Replaced password encryption with hashing algorythm for improved security
- Replaced old tray menu with standard Windows tray menu, added new options and rearranged menu order
- Added buttons for new options to My Games and Requests window
- Fixed bug which caused program to crash when Scoreboard or Public Game Requests windows were minimised
- Split WyeSoft SMS credit displays into free and purchased credits
- Replaced mobile phone number field on settings window with button that directs users to the WSID settings web page
- Made first name and last name fields optional on the Create New WSID window

WyeSoft Chess - The Knight's Tour v1.00


The Knight's Tour is now included in the full WyeSoft Chess package, but is also available for download as a standalone, portable application.