Call of Duty: Ghosts - Extinction Challenges

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Call of Duty: Ghosts - Extinction Challenges

Postby Balrog » Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:07 pm

This is a guide to passing all of the challenges in Extinction mode, the side-game on Call of Duty: Ghosts, for anyone that wants to farm for teeth but keeps slipping up on some of the challenges. I think I got them all but if I've missed any, please post here.

Use only melee attacks to damage the aliens (first hive only - Point of Contact)
Easy. Just use your knife and don't fire your gun.

Don't take any damage from the aliens (first hive only - Point of Contact)
Stand right at the back of the area, as far from the drill as possible. Focus on shooting the aliens that aren't attacking the drill.

Keep shot accuracy at x% or higher
Some people like to use a flare to do this but it's not usually necessary. Fire one shot and make sure it hits an alien (or a few shots if you're worried about messing up), and then use only your knife once you have the 100% (or necessary percentage). Run round with your pistol out, as you will run faster than if you are holding a primary weapon. If you're on one of the later rounds, use vulture drones if possible, or even call in helicopter support if it's available. If you do mess up, use a flare or let some aliens attack the drill and shoot them while they're doing it.

Don't go into last stand (co-op only)
Just keep running when they come at you in groups. If there's a medic, stay close to them. If you are a medic, try to stay close to the other players and use your medic special when necessary if you've unlocked it.

Don't bleed out (co-op only)
Never seen anyone fail this, though the easiest way to fail would be to fall to your death, so stay clear of cliffs.

Protect a random player from going into last stand (co-op only)
Pretty much the same as "Don't go into last stand.", except only one player needs protecting - possibly you.

Kill x aliens using traps
Easy as hell in the first two areas of Point of Contact, and in all the areas I can think of on the other maps. Just try to activate all the traps (electric fences, etc.). If you're in the last area of PoC, one person should stay with the drill and the others should run down to the crater and keep the electrified puddle trap on, whilst running around the water (or in it if you can survive). If you're in that section on solo, you're pretty much fucked, since you can't go down to the crater without probably losing the drill. I usually activate the electric fence above the crater and try running round it when the aliens are close, but it usually doesn't work. Flares usually make this challenge even harder, so don't bother.

Kill x aliens using turrets
If you have a vulture drone, using that is the easiest way to pass this challenge because it counts as a turret. If not, you can either use a different turret ability or one of the mounted turrets. Flares work nicely for this challenge.

Kill x aliens using propane tanks
Best to throw a flare down and try to take out as many aliens as you can with one turret, and then repeat if it's not enough. One thing that helps is the fires left behind after a propane tank has exploded still count as propane tank kills, so you can just lead the aliens into the fire to get a couple of kills.

Kill x aliens while prone
Pretty hard to fail. Lie down and shoot. Trap kills count, as long as you are prone at the time of the kill.

Kill x aliens using pistols
Again, pretty hard to fail, since everyone has a pistol. Don't use any other weapons, unless it's to get money to buy ammo.

Kill x aliens using primary weapon type / with any of the marked weapons (co-op only)
Early on in the game, these challenges are pretty easy and only one person really needs to buy the gun, as long as the others know not to shoot. The guns you can use are usually marked with an orange icon, though not on all maps, unfortunately. It's usually better if the player on ammo doesn't buy it, so that they have enough money to buy ammo for the players that do. On later rounds, it can be hard to get enough kills without most or all of the players buying the gun.

Kill x Scouts with melee damage
Never seen this failed. Knife scouts (the standard, small aliens), shoot everything else.

Kill x aliens while they are in the air
Can be hard. Best to activate traps, as the aliens often get zapped as they're jumping over them. Stand somewhere high up and try not to shoot the aliens until they are making a jump for you.

Kill a Scorpion with melee damage
Straightforward enough but sometimes hard to catch them. Use feral instincts and team booster if possible. Don't use vultures or anything that might kill the Scorpions before you can knife them.

Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds
Occasionally he'll run right past you but this is often a bitch of a challenge. Make sure you have feral (if possible) and look for him around the edges of the area, as he usually stays back, away from the action. Sometimes he's a complete bastard and hides somewhere where it's impossible to hit him, for example behind a building. He looks a lot like a Hunter and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. If you have a flare, it's a good idea to use it because he will probably run towards it.

Don't reload your weapon for 60 seconds
If you can do it before the challenge counts in, switch to pistol for the extra running speed, and try to reload it quickly (before the challenge starts) if it's not fully loaded. If you don't manage to get that done in time, don't try after the challenge has started; don't switch weapon at all because it can cause an automatic reload if the gun you switch to is empty. Don't drop ammo either, since this will often make you reload, even if it's supposed to be filling your clip automatically. Try to keep thinking about the challenge because it's easy to forget for a second and then reload out of habit.

Don't use any abilities for 90 seconds
This means dropping ammo, armour, using turrets, etc. It also counts your class special ability if you have unlocked it, so be careful not to use that. The easiest way to fail this challenge is to forget about it, even just for a second, so try to keep your mind on it the whole time.

Don't spend any money for 2 minutes
Again, the easiest way to fail is to forget so keep thinking about the challenge. Don't buy weapons, activate traps, use abilities that cost points (class special abilities are ok to use), etc., etc.

Do not take any damage from exploding Seeker aliens
The strategy is easy enough, but it's very easy to fail so be careful. Try and stand in a corner or as far away from the meteor spawns as possible (if you know where they are). Listen out for the thunder sounds and look out for the lightning that accompanies meteors falling. If feral is available, try to keep it up for the whole round, or least use it whenever you see/hear a meteor.

Spend $x
Best to just spend money as soon as you are able to - keep buying ammo, etc., or pay towards helicopter support if you don't need any of the droppables - unless you're on the last hive, in which case it's pretty hard not to spend that amount during the round.

Keep the drill health at 50% or higher
Stay close to the drill and use automated support, such as vultures and helicopters if you're worried. I suggest forgetting about the drill protection bonus and just repairing the drill as soon as it gets down to 74% health. People will tell you that you will lose a tooth by repairing the drill, but that's a myth - all you lose is money at the end of the round.

Kill x aliens while at full health
If you're worried about it and you get damaged, just wait for your health to regenerate before shooting, though it's usually unnecessary since you have plenty of time to kill the few aliens you need.

Kill x aliens without taking damage
Can be hard. Stand in a corner or by a wall, as far back from where the aliens are coming from as possible to avoid being hit.

Kill x aliens by having each player cause damage
I tend to just spray and try to hit every alien once. If everyone does that, it's fairly easy, though obviously someone needs to kill each alien eventually. When they have a white glowing border around them, that means you're the only one that hasn't hit them, so you can go for the kill.

Defeat the Breeder in x seconds or less (Nightfall)
Just shoot the shit out of it. Aim for its weak spot in its mouth and get out the way when it fires its machine gun and red gas bombs.

Destroy 10 Breeder eggs before they hatch (co-op only - Nightfall)
Easy enough - just don't attack the breeder (or at least don't kill it) until you've done the challenge. It makes a distinctive sound when it fires the eggs out and often one of the player characters will shout out to destroy the eggs before they hatch. They are yellow glowing things and pretty easy to spot.

Kill the x marked aliens before any others (not on Point of Contact)
If you have a vulture or any kind of automated support up at the time you get this challenge, that more or less means you've failed. Otherwise, just aim for the aliens with the white, glowing border around them and kill them before anything else. Don't use feral, as this will put yellow borders around everything and make it hard to see which ones you're meant to be aiming at.

Kill x aliens at a range of 65 ft
Stand as far away from the main places the aliens are coming from and shoot them as soon as you see them. A flare could work nicely for this challenge if you use it in a good place.

Stay in the circle and kill x aliens
There are only a few places where you can be given this challenge. Sometimes the circle moves after so many kills, sometimes it doesn't. If it moves, just follow it.

Defeat the tentacle (Mayday)
Just shoot the fuck out of it.

Kill x enemies while jumping (Awakening)
This means while you are jumping, not the aliens. You can jump pretty high on Awakening so this isn't too hard. No real strategy other than do what it says.

Kill a Gargoyle with melee damage (Awakening / Exodus)
If you know the Gargoyle is at full health, shoot it down a bit and then start knifing. Ideally, you want feral instincts and team booster. If a Gargoyle appears towards the end of a round, before you've had this challenge, it's a good idea to leave them alone in case this one comes up next.

Kill x flying aliens (Awakening / Exodus)
Look out for Gargoyles and Bombers, and shoot them when you see them, obviously.

Kill x Bombers before they explode (Awakening / Exodus)
Keep looking up and shoot the green glowing Bombers when you see them.

Kill 20 aliens while every player is prone (co-op only; Awakening / Exodus)
Easy enough, as long as you don't have a complete moron in your group. You can use traps.

Kill x aliens while on higher ground (Awakening / Exodus)
Stand on a higher floor and shoot the aliens on the floor below you.

Kill x aliens while on lower ground (Awakening / Exodus)
Stand on the ground and shoot the aliens on floors above you.

Have every player purchase a new weapon (co-op only; Awakening / Exodus)
Pure troll challenge, especially for players that don't have the Keep Valid Attachments upgrade. Not quite so bad if you have two primary weapons, but still annoying.

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