MTA:DayZ: Text Chat System

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MTA:DayZ: Text Chat System

Postby Balrog » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:46 pm

Sticky Chat

As there are even more text chat channels than before, "sticky chat" is now enabled by default. This means that the standard chat key (usually T) always sends a message in the last channel that you used or switched to. Each channel has a single-character code, and you can switch channel either by pressing the forward slash key (/), followed by the character for the channel, or by entering a slash followed by that character in the chat. If you're entering the command in the chat, you can also enter the message directly after the command. If you are familiar with the text chat system used by World of Warcraft, then you already know how to use this system.

Channel Codes

S ≡ Local
G ≡ Gang
P ≡ Party
1 ≡ Shard
2 ≡ Global
3 ≡ Non-English
4 ≡ Radio/Room
V ≡ VIP Member
A ≡ Admin


Let's say you want to say "hello" in global chat. If the last message you sent was in global chat, then all you have to do is press T and enter "hello". However, if the last channel you spoke in wasn't global chat, you can do any of the following:

1. Press / --> Press 2 --> Press T --> Enter hello
2. Press T --> Enter /2 --> Press T --> Enter hello
3. Press T --> Enter /2 hello

Switching back to the old binds

If you don't like sticky chat and want to switch back to the old chat system, you can do the following, but doing so will use up a lot of keys which could otherwise be used for custom binds:

1. Open the console
2. Enter stickychat
3. Enter unbind u chatbox reply
4. Enter bind u chatbox 2
5. Enter bind ] chatbox 3
6. Enter bind o chatbox v
7. Decide upon a key to use to reply to PMs (don't use F4, as this is now the shard menu) and enter bind key chatbox r
8. Decide upon a key to use for shard chat (this is like global chat but just for the shard you're playing on) and enter bind key chatbox 1
9. Radio chat now doubles up as room chat when you're in the lobby, which is seen by people in the same section of the lobby as you (for example the deathmatch area), so you will probably want a bind for that now. Decide upon a key and enter bind key chatbox 4
10. If you already had something bound to the keys you used for 7, 8 and 9, you will probably need to unbind those commands in the settings menu.

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