Mythical[WS] by InsecureWarrior

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Mythical[WS] by InsecureWarrior

Postby Clarice » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:44 pm

Request by: InsecureWarrior
Server: Multi Theft Auto: DayZ
In-game names: Mythical[WS]
Date: 4 August
Proof: [GLOBAL]Mohammed[WS]: beautiful girl play on this server
[GLOBAL][WS]Sprunk: Ammm
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: not sure how that is possible
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: but i'll do it anyway
[GLOBAL][WS]Sprunk: This is too far
[GLOBAL]Mohammed[WS]: u know who that
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: ur mum xd
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: pls no ban
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: im only joke
Mohammed[WS] left the gang.
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: xdd
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: oh cmon
Server list: (say /SERVERS)
[PM]>>Mohammed[WS]: wtf xdd
Mythical[WS] has been banned by Mohammed[WS]. (1 hour)
Witnesses: [WS]Sprunk
What happened: He said something along the lines of \you know who beautiful girl play on this server\

I said your mum as a joke(a harmless joke)

like literally 20 seconds later I was banned even though that was not an insult it was clearly a joke and a compliment(if you wanna think of it that way)

He should get warned for this shit this is not the first time he takes a joke seriously.. also mutes me for literally no fucking reason once I just said fuck my keyboard or smth he told me to stop insulting or mute.
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Re: Mythical[WS] by InsecureWarrior

Postby dungeonkeeper » Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:44 pm

You are very selective in your copy and paste, I would have given you 90 day ban, sick of your insults since you came back. I thought you would of learned and kept your head down instead you delight in provoking.

Mohammed warned you then kicked you then banned so he has followed the right rules.

This is what you were were banned for, I dont know how long the ban but you got off lightly.
[GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: ca ni f uck ur
[14:23:05] [NON-ENGLISH]Mohammed[WS]: لا اقصد وينك يعني وين غايب
[14:23:18] [GLOBAL]|S|PlayBoy[WS]Rakitic: i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[14:23:22] PACOENTERPRISE has joined the game.
[14:23:28] [NON-ENGLISH]Mohammed[WS]: يا ريت
[14:23:36] [GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: can i fuck ur asshole
[14:23:47] [GLOBAL]|S|PlayBoy[WS]Rakitic: ok fuck me i love you
[14:23:48] Terminator<~ has joined the game.
[14:24:01] PACOENTERPRISE was auto-kicked: Lagging too much
[14:24:04] [GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: ok
[14:24:08] [GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: come to moh's base
[14:24:11] [GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: i'll fuk you hard
[14:24:20] Terminator<~ (Server Regular) has logged in (eperke).
[14:24:22] [GLOBAL]|S|PlayBoy[WS]Rakitic: fak me you geyyyyyyy
[14:24:26] [GLOBAL]Mythical[WS]: yes i fuck u
[14:24:44] [GLOBAL]|S|PlayBoy[WS]Rakitic: yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw
[14:24:57] [GLOBAL]Terminator<~: hi all
[14:25:11] Mythical[WS] (DareK) was kicked by Mohammed[WS].
[14:25:16] Mythical[WS] has joined the game.
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Re: Mythical[WS] by InsecureWarrior

Postby InsecureWarrior » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:25 pm

That's not why I got banned.

He banned me because I insulted his mom, I PMed him after I got unbanned and he told me that he banned me cause I insulted his mom.

Also I was trolling in global chat with another player he started saying some gay shit so I went along w/ it cause I was bored..

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