New event in dayz


New event in dayz

Postby giorgakis32m » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:19 pm

Hello its me rulez.As the server is low in peeps prob cause of school and other stuff although it still has massive pvp.So i was thinking of a new event with a name team death match.As we all know from every game with guns there is a team death match.This event if it is going to take 30 or 60 mins.To be more specific,people would execute a command(for example /tdm,ofc this gona happens when event starts)and be teleported to a specific place where they can spawn with a wide variety of guns.By the time the person who kills sb gets some points,these points may have potential to give him better guns(for example m4 ,cz),even though this idea may be necessity.At the end,the person who gets the most kills in tdm will earn the rewards he gets from a war zone or zombie invasion.To sum up,i would like to see a new event (tdm) where people will be teleported in a specific map (it would be better random) and be seperated in 2 teams killing each other.The player with the most kills earns the 1st rewards.Ofc prob there are gona be more than 1 winners.Thnx for reading that.
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Re: New event in dayz

Postby Balrog » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:26 am

That's really complex and would take a hell of a long time to make. I'm busy making the new server at the moment and an event like that would take almost as long to make, since it's completely changing the way the game works.

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