Down Time and New Host

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Down Time and New Host

Postby Balrog » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:30 am

Sorry the forums have been down for so long. As most of you know, we had some database problems and Vilayer temporarily disabled the website to fix them. Then they "forgot" to re-enable it and decided to ignore my messages for the next two and a half weeks. So, I decided to stop relying on those incompetent twats and am now using OVH for web hosting, since they've been hosting our MTA servers for the last few years and there hasn't been a single problem. Unfortunately, the most recent database backup I had was from July, so we've lost a lot of posts and accounts. If your account has been lost, please make a new one.

I decided to completely stop paying for the Vilayer package, so we've lost the Prop Hunt and GMod Sandbox servers, but the GMod Cinema, TTT and Age of Chivalry servers have been migrated to third dedicated server that I'm now renting from OVH/Kimsufi, and should work better than ever. Please check the server list for the new addresses.

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