TTT: Shop System

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TTT: Shop System

Postby Balrog » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:47 am

Upon completing a round as an Innocent or a Detective, you will receive 3 shop points.

When levelling up, you will receive the value of the level reached in shop points. So, for example, when reaching level 10 you will receive 10 shop points.

Shop points can be spent on the following:

Random Gun (always a primary weapon, never a HUGE-249) - 5 SP (free for VIPs) - press F2
Detective Round - 10 SP (5 SP for VIPs) - press F3
Traitor Round - 30 SP (15 SP for VIPs) - press F4
Double XP Round - 20 SP (10 SP for VIPs) - say !DXP

All of the above must be purchased during the preparation phase and will be given to you once the round starts.

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