user0481 and Zolinskis

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user0481 and Zolinskis

Postby user0481 » Fri May 05, 2017 8:56 pm

To begin with, I tried to connect to mta dayz pvp server on April 26 and I got disconnected. It
showed that I was banned. According to it, the reason was "Superban: Botting in chess, glitching
vehicles out of farming zones, and lots more hackersque stuff" ( ). Also my
friend Zolinskis got the same response ( ).

Firstly, my opponent in chess always was a level 0 bot, the easiest bot of all 10 levels. Wyesoft
chess bot tended to make some mistakes, so it was possible to deal with it for all not novice chess

Secondly, "glitching vehicles out of farming zone". No glitches were used while driving vehicles out
of zone. Besides the used 2 tents method is well-known in most mta dayz servers. Video how it looks ( ). Even though tent model is not the same as in some mta dayz servers,
shown method still works the same.

Furthermore, I find the ban unreasonable because the rules didn't correctly covered the previous
mentioned reasons. First of all, chess game was a browser game and no rules in mta dayz pvp server
was connected to it (#rules ). Next thing about rules is that getting
vehicles out of farming zone was considered as a glitching in a ban reason, but it is not included
into major glitch list or minor glitch list. ((Two last lists) ). Even if
it was assumed as a glitch the rules does not have superban included as a punishment because it could
not be used in pvp ((see rules 5 and 6) ). Also, as it was not included in
the glitch list and no one warned us that taking farming cars out can be wrong, so we had no idea
that it could be not allowed action. For example, even one warning could have prevented such

To sum up, the superban does not fit here, and it ought to be changed to something more suitable or
to be removed. I find the time I spent on the server valuable and I am looking forward to spent more
time there. So, if the destiny of Zolinskis and user0481 could be considered once again, we would be
very thankful for spent time doing it.
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Re: user0481 and Zolinskis

Postby Balrog » Fri May 05, 2017 9:58 pm

1. As your game history clearly shows, you did not just play against "Bot" (the old, easy bot) but you also played and won against "Bot1" 3 times - that's the new bot, powered by a proper chess engine, which is almost impossible to beat at the moment, even on difficulty 1, because I haven't figured out how to balance it properly. You also played a standard chess game against me where you kicked my arse, and you played exactly like a bot. I probably would have believed that you were just good, except that you were talking about botting in chess while we were playing and made it pretty obvious you have that kind of mentality.

So I set a trap. I requested a game of Chess960 against you, knowing that the majority of chess bots you could be using to cheat don't understand anything other than standard chess. I also made moves that I knew most bots wouldn't understand, even if set up with a custom layout setting. Surprise, surprise, you went from an amazing, unbeatable chess player, to a pretty average chess player, and it was close but I was just about able to beat you. If you really were as good as you appeared to be in our standard game, and good enough to beat the site's new chess bot, then there's no way I could've ever even come close to beating you in Chess960 either.

Zolinskis only played against the bots, so technically I can't prove that he was also cheating, but he was also able to beat the near-impossible, unoptimised, new bot 3 times. And he also seemed to be with you whenever we saw you doing anything suspicious.

2. The fact that the vehicles in the farming zone are not supposed to leave the farming zone, according to me - the person that placed their spawns in the farming zone - means that any way method you use to get them out of the farming zone is a glitch, by definition. It doesn't matter how you got them out - they're not meant to be able to get out, so it's a glitch. I wouldn't have banned you just for that, since it pretty minor, but it was just one example of your suspicious behaviour that came to mind first when I banned you.

And you are right - chess is a browser game and not part of the server - so if you'd only been cheating at chess I would have just banned you from that. But, since you were cheating at chess in order to get free shop points in MTA, which have a value in real money, that's called theft, and is the same reason we ban dupers. We superban everyone that steals from us (because when we don't, they just come back and do it again), and you were clearly spending your time trying to find bugs to exploit on top of the chess botting. You're not going to be unbanned.

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