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Weekly Free Texts

Postby Balrog » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:54 pm

Everyone now receives 10 free WyeSoft SMS credits at midnight (UK time) every Monday, to use within the week. Credits left over from the previous week will not be added onto your total free credits; the number of free credits will just be reset to 10 every week.

Your free credits and purchased credits are stored as two separate balances. On the web-based version, both are displayed as separate totals. I will release an update to the application version soon but, until then, it will only have a single credit display, which will show the total of your free and purchased credits.

As stated in the terms and conditions, nobody is allowed to have more than one WSID. This rule was never enforced before, as breaking it was harmless, but it will be enforced in the case of people using multiple accounts to receive extra free texts.

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