HeavyBoss by Eimis

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HeavyBoss by Eimis

Postby Clarice » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:41 pm

Request by: Eimis
Server: Multi Theft Auto: DayZ - Server 1
In-game names: HeavyBoss
Date: 31 January
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/9NnQE
Witnesses: -MS-Arturas[WS] -MS-Justelio[WS] TutiFruti
What happened: Everything is in the chat.

[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: ash /net and global
~[WS]Molham~ switched to the MTA:DayZ Garageless server (say /DZ2 to follow).
~[WS]Molham~ has quit.
[GLOBAL]Ash.: so?
[GLOBAL]Ash.: And in ss
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: Put it in global
-MS-Eimis[WS] committed suicide (death ID: EIMO143129).
[GLOBAL]Ash.: Why would i?
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: Still you can't be in combat if your ploss is high
-MS-Eimis[WS] committed suicide (death ID: EIMQ143144).
[GLOBAL]Ash.: i'm on ss , can't you understand?
-MS-Eimis[WS] committed suicide (death ID: EIMS143200).
Server list: http://servers.wyesoft.com/ (say /SERVERS)
[NON-ENGLISH]-MS-Eimis[WS]: koks jo plossas?
[GLOBAL]DramaticAstrakhan74: hello any admin here
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: he is in ss
[GLOBAL]Ash.: sup
[GLOBAL]Chief: well you did kill alot of people in w ar with high ploss yesterda
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: nop
[GLOBAL]Chief: y
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: just vips i guess
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: Thats not allowed
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: it is
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: are u dumb?
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: What if im trying t o kill him with cz?
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: watch the fuck your mouth
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: The hits wont register cause of his lag
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: i am going to give you one more chance
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: :)
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: yeah and you sill surely hit him in s
Since we have an item shop, using glitches to duplicate items is theft. Thieves will be prosecuted.
[GLOBAL][WS]HeavyBoss: ss
[GLOBAL]Ash.: if you read the rules
[GLOBAL]-MS-Arturas[WS]: Why are you angry heavy ?
-MS-Arturas[WS] was murdered (death ID: ARTX143322).
-MS-Arturas[WS] was murdered by Chief (12000 blood remaining).
[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: Your mom needs another chance with you
DramaticAstrakhan74 has quit.
~[WS]Molham~ has joined the game.
[GLOBAL]Ash.: i'm dying in 1 shot
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[GLOBAL]-MS-Eimis[WS]: Ash get o ut o f pvp

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