PUBG-style DayZ-based Game Mode?

Would you be interested in playing a PUBG-style game mode based on the MTA:DayZ resource?

Yes, I would definitely play it.
No, that sounds boring.
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I don't have an opinion.
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Re: PUBG-style DayZ-based Game Mode?

Postby Balrog » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:51 pm

I realise I haven't posted an update on this in a while, but I'm still working on it. I'm finding it hard to focus on programming lately though, so it's taking longer than planned. If I don't start to make more progress soon, I will just try to get it into a more playable state and open it up with an "Under Construction" tag, so people know that it's not finished but still being worked on. Then people will be able to test out what we've got so far and give suggestions and bug reports.

Nova, I eventually managed to fix the problems with the CJ skin and went with something similar to what you suggested. Most people will be playing as the CJ skin, unlocking CJ clothing from loot crates or from the shop menu. The other skins will be in the game and also unlockable, but they will be more of a rarity. I tried to do the muscle/fat thing too, but there's no way to stop it affecting run speed, so I've removed it (at least for now) because it will give people an unfair advantage.

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