1000 Shop Points Hidden in BNT

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1000 Shop Points Hidden in BNT

Postby Balrog » Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:41 pm

I've hidden a 1000 shop point voucher for MTA:DayZ in one of the Blacknova Traders universes. You can play BNT while you're on any of our MTA or GMod servers by entering /BNT in the chat.

The code is contained in a beacon in one of the sectors, so all you have to do is travel to the right sector and there will be a small caption saying "MTA:DayZ Voucher:", followed by the code. The problem is there are 5 universes and each one has 1000 sectors :D Good luck!

I'm thinking of making this a regular thing, to help populate our BNT universes, since only universe 1 gets used a lot. Depending on how long it takes for someone to find the voucher, I might change the way it's done though. When someone finds the code, I will remove the beacon, but I have to do that manually so I should point out that the code can only be used by the first person to find and redeem it, and if you find it after it's been used, it will be useless.

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