Forgotten Your Password?

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Forgotten Your Password?

Postby Balrog » Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:52 pm

If your MTA accounts are linked to your WSID, it's now possible to change your passwords from the MTA Server Accounts page on the website. If you are locked out of your WSID too, please use the Forgot My WSID/Password page.

If you are locked out of an MTA account that isn't linked to a WSID, please post the account name here and I will change the password for you and PM you the new one. Please make sure it's the acccount name (username / login name) and not your display name. If you've forgotten the account name too, please give as many details as you can and I will try to figure it out from the server logs.

This thread is for all of our MTA servers, but if you don't state which server you are locked out of, I will assume you mean the MTA:DayZ server. This thread is public for a reason; please don't contact me in private about forgotten passwords, unless I know you personally and know that you're not trying to steal someone else's account.

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