MTA:DayZ: Levelling / Unlock System

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MTA:DayZ: Levelling / Unlock System

Postby Balrog » Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:05 pm

Our MTA:DayZ server has a completely optional CoD-style levelling system. To start it you have to enter /STARTLEVELLING.

You earn rewards as you level up but the catch is that your weapon and vehicle-handling skills are reset to 0 (they start on full in DayZ). When you reach level 2 they will go up to 4% and then they increase by 2% every level, until you reach level 50 when they are back on full.

You gain XP from the following:

Murder: 100 XP
Bandit kill: +50 XP
PvP headshot: +50 XP
PvP melee: +100 XP
(Killing team-mates and fresh-spawns doesn't reward any XP)

Zombie kill: 10 XP
Camo zombie kill: +5 XP
Zombie headshot: +5 XP
Zombie melee: +10 XP

Bandage another player: 10 XP
Administer morphine to another player: 10 XP
Administer painkiller to another player: 10 XP
Administer blood bag to another player below 10k blood: 30 XP
Administer medic kit to another player below 10k blood: 30 XP
Administer medic kit to another player that's bleeding: 10 XP

Drive 1 mile: 10 XP
Fly 5 miles: 10 XP
Survive 2 hours: 50 XP

Discover new vehicle spawn: 50 XP (enter the vehicle or go into its inventory while it's in its spawn; reset monthly)
Discover helicopter crash: 50 XP (go into its inventory)
Discover Shamal crash: 100 XP (enter it)
Discover new teleport spot (door to interior, ladder, etc.; VIP houses don't count; reset monthly): 50 XP
Enter Ammu-Nation with a new code: 200 XP

The amount of XP required to reach a particular level from the beginning of the previous level is L * 100, where L is the level you're trying to reach. So level 1-2 is 200 XP, level 2-3 is 300 XP, 3-4 is 400 XP, etc.

From level 10 to 50, you earn L/2 shop points each time you level, and from 51 onwards you earn L shop points per level (L being the level you just reached).

You unlock the following items to spawn with and start to spawn with them at the following levels:
20: Golf Club
30: Game Boy + Tetris Cartridge
40: Baseball Bat
50: Assault Pack (Alice Pack for VIPs)
60: Water Bottle
65: Copter Cartridge
70: Hatchet
75: Video Poker Cartridge
80: Hunting Knife
85: Party Bomb (toolbelt item that makes you and the people around you burst into dance - 10-minute cooldown)
90: GPS
95: Cobra Keycard (lets you into the Cobra Gym loot interior)
100: M1911 + 3 mags (VIP Members at level 100 can choose between an M9 SD, a Desert Eagle or an M1911; each with 3 mags)

When you unlock a new melee weapon, it replaces the previous one, but you can use /MELEEWEAP to switch back to a previously unlocked one.

When you reach level 100, you have the option to "prestige". This means you will start again from level 1. However, you will be able to choose one of the unlockable weapons to be permanently unlocked, and you will gain 2 extra bag slots at all times (with any backpack).

Instead of "prestiging", you can choose to continue levelling past level 100. The prestige levels displayed on the scoreboard, etc. are the total number of levels you have wiped by prestiging, so the number will go up by 100 each time you prestige, or by a greater amount if you passed level 100 before prestiging. It's unlikely, but if anybody ever gets to level 150 and then prestiges, they will actually gain 3 extra bag slots; 4 bag slots for level 200, etc.

Double XP boosts can now be purchased from the Item Shop.

Setting commands:
/XPBAR - toggle the experience bar at the top of the screen
/XPGAINS - toggle the numbers that pop up whenever you gain experience
/LEVELSOUND - toggle the level-up tune

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