Castle of the Winds (Unofficial Download)

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Castle of the Winds (Unofficial Download)

Postby Balrog » Mon May 08, 2017 10:31 am

Recently, I've been playing an old 16-bit "roguelike" RPG game, called Castle of the Winds. For people familiar with the Diablo series, it's a bit like Diablo 1, but before ... graphics. You make your way down the levels of randomly-generated castle dungeons, killing monsters, learning spells and finding improved weapons and armour; but the graphics are 2D tile-based (literally Windows icon files) and there's no animation or sound. It's also turn-based, so time doesn't move on - none of the monsters move - unless you're moving.

It probably sounds terrible to most modern gamers, but it's a pretty addictive little RPG that should run on any PC, and I think some WyeSoft users will like it, particularly the Blacknova players.

It would be ideal as a browser game on the main WyeSoft site, but it's proving really hard to set up, so I thought I'd just put the package up for download. It's a bundle of DOSBox, Windows 3.11 (stripped down), and Castle of the Winds part 1 and 2. They are all either freeware or abandonware, but it's a bit of a strange bundle to go in the WyeSoft downloads section so I'm just posting it here as an unofficial download if anyone's interested. Try it if you like that kind of game.

Castle of the Winds bundle download [5.85 MB]
Unzip contents to a folder of your choice and run DOSBox.exe.


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Re: Castle of the Winds (Unofficial Download)

Postby kamax » Tue May 09, 2017 9:31 am

If u like games like that i play "Greedy cave" only its for android. Its almost same as your game it has better graphics and maybe a bit interesting. Check it out if u like games like that :)

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