What is your strategy?


What is your strategy?

Postby Rex » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:30 am

In regards to playing on one of the two universes, how do you play normally? Are you one of those players that will create and populate planets as you warp to sectors that you think people will be hard to find via warping? Or do you have a different strategy?

Re: What is your strategy?

Postby Rincewind » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:39 am

I normally just try to maximise efficiency when initially trading. Trade up to hull 25, then start making loads of planets.
A very important thing is to know how many fighters/beams you need on a planet for a player not to be able to get a planet in a single attack and survive. As your planet count grows it becomes harder to defend them because it gets tedious to remake routes to planets, so sometimes the best thing to do is upgrade beams. But, to be honest, once you are over 100 trillion, planets do not really matter as much, you could lead and win the game with just a bank sector.

Due to game's limitations and the fact the games are long, it's smart to have more than one bank, not necessarily same size, but once your main bank grows to max, it's hard to split it.
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Re: What is your strategy?

Postby Balrog » Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:58 pm

I wish I could fix the limitations but the whole game's written in PHP and I don't know the language at all, and don't really like it. I've been thinking of making my own downloadable game based on the same idea as BNT though. If I ever get round to it and it works out the way I plan, I think BNT players will like it. Was planning to design it so that the game would be balanced enough not to require resets, and would have either an infinitely-sized universe, or at least a much, much bigger one.

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