TradeWars 2002 Server

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TradeWars 2002 Server

Postby Balrog » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:25 pm

We are now hosting a server for TradeWars 2002, the original MMO space trader game that Blacknova Traders is based on. It is similar to BNT but, rather than being web-based (meant to be played in a web browser), it is terminal-based and intended to be played using a Telnet client, such as PuTTY. The web page includes a browser-based Telnet client though, so you can play on our server with a web browser.

WyeSoft Gaming Community members, please note that TradeWars is part of the free browser games section of WyeSoft, and not part of "WyeSoft Game Servers"; i.e. VIP Membership does not cover TradeWars. The reason for this is purely because there are no moderator accounts of any kind in TradeWars and no kind of privileges to be given out.



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